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The Impaller defeated Blue Precision: 2/21/2011 23:53:23

Level 3
This game, I feel, was a masterpiece of strategy. The subtleties of the Impaller's strategy led a player as good as BP safely down the road of destruction. Everything was well conducted and his gameplay had a serious sense for the "flow" of the game. When it was time for his opponent to make a large deployment in one zone, then deploy to the other to achieve a greater gain. I suggest studying such games if you'd like to improve your game-play.
The Impaller defeated Blue Precision: 2/22/2011 16:45:27

Blue Precision 
Level 32
Trust me its been studied, ad nauseam.
The Impaller defeated Blue Precision: 2/22/2011 19:24:37

Level 5
The takeaway is make sure you have greater income than your opponant :)

I feel your pain BP. My losses look frightenly similar.
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