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Add the "next game" button to unstarted games, too: 9/1/2015 16:31:52

Level 56

I have a little suggestion

I used the search function, didn't find any suggestion similar to this one, if it was already posted, i apologize.

So, If i go to warlight and find 10+ active games, I usually just click the first one, do my moves, then click the "next game" until i've done my moves. That button is really great!

Sadly, there is no such button on new games you've been invited to. I often get invited to games, and they are often in the middle of my active games list, so from time to time it happens that i get into game Lobbies by clicking "next game". I then join the game, but unfortunately there is no "next game"-button there.

I'm aware that this is only a very small issue, and it only takes me two clicks (instead of one) to get to the next game, yet it annoys me every time, and i guess it would not take much effort to add that button there.

Thanks for the attention.
Add the "next game" button to unstarted games, too: 9/1/2015 16:41:26

Level 60
Maybe because the game has not started?

I found another oddity...if you delete a game that has not started, the site does not re-direct you to your dashboard or anything. It just stays in that game, so you have a blank page (it is no longer a valid URL).
Add the "next game" button to unstarted games, too: 9/1/2015 19:53:07

MightySpeck (a Koala) 
Level 58
while this isn't a "new" idea ... you can still post it here so fizzer will see it
*thumbs up*

Edited 9/1/2015 19:53:15
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