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Private Messages (truce talk): 2/20/2011 15:35:42

Bonch The Great
Level 25
I've had alot of pm's recently asking for truce to eliminate another player and what not lately, does this happen much with you guys?
Private Messages (truce talk): 2/20/2011 16:25:53

WL Fanatic 
Level 8
Yeah, I usually don't accept I feel nasty : /. But sometimes people take that saying no means you're going to load up every army you have and attack them. Not the case. I'm just not going to agree to anything, not verbally anyway
Private Messages (truce talk): 2/20/2011 17:43:29

Level 44
diplomacy is a part of war.. take every word from every pm as it is.. a word from an enemy.

*the enemy of my enemy is my friend*
Private Messages (truce talk): 2/22/2011 02:09:07

Level 56
That's pretty much what private messages are for. Games without PMs should have the expectation of no truces.
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