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How to make a poisoned potato: 8/9/2015 19:02:37

Gen. NumbNuts
Level 48
Ingredients required
-Fresh potato
-Sour cream

-1.)Bake the fresh potato at 375° for 30-60mins
-2.)Wait for potato to finish baking by watching TV or by doing whatever the hell you like to do.
-3.)Using a knife/spoon/fork, to created a pocket in the potato to hold the next ingredients.
-4.)Apply in the following; Butter, Sour cream, Chives, Salt&Pepper, Cyanide.

Now that you've made a poisonous potato that looks delicious, you can now approach your target with this humble "peace" offering. They'll never know what hit'em.

-Potato has a small chance to seduce you into eating it by using its looks. Keep a focused mind while preparing this death dish.
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