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Looking for recruitment: 8/9/2015 16:38:29

Level 48
I am fairly new to this website but not the game of RISK. I love to play and am on it every day now. So I am very active and am looking for a group of other active people who can help me improve and win games with. I like to do team games the most but am not afraid of the challenge of FFA. Let me know if anyone has any openings and I will show you how I can improve your clan.

Looking for recruitment: 8/9/2015 18:53:36

Level 56
Most clans (my own included) would want to see a lot more experience first. You're especially lacking in 1v1 games. The high % of real-time games can also be a turn-off, as most clan competitions are multi-day, and IMO more multi day games show more commitment.
Looking for recruitment: 8/10/2015 03:28:52

Level 57
Pooncrew or Darklords..

Thought you may be too advanced for them...

Just mail their leaders.. They will message you in 1-2 days.. Actually 1-2 weeks :) Enjoy

(Come Pooncrew + Darklords haters)
Looking for recruitment: 8/10/2015 08:42:11

Level 56
Have you played a clan game against Pooncrew? I think apart from there names which is just for some fun they're a very active and helpful clan. But I get it you either like them or you don't. You should get your clan to play a game against them a lot of people, diss them but in my opinion they're run well and always respectful in games apart from the Occasional banter.
Looking for recruitment: 8/10/2015 09:16:11

Level 58
Personally, looking at your statistics you'd be a good option for team based clans (Poon Squad being one). But you can always look on the clan page to find another, more suitable clan to satisfy your needs. Illuminati has helped me in my 1v1 skills and my win % has gone up 3 percent, although I'd like it to be more.

I also agree with EagleBlast on the experience factor, you need to play more games first. They don't have to be 1v1's if you want to specialize in team games but that's up to you, but most clans probably do 1v1 tournaments so it'd be best if you look for a clan that can teach all game types (mine included)
Posts 1 - 5 of 5