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Game analysis please: 8/8/2015 09:10:51

Level 47
Game analysis please: 8/8/2015 10:00:42

Level 58
I'll try and analyze this tomorrow.

Analyzing this (https://www.warlight.net/Forum/103378-1-v-1-analysis) was quite stressing and difficult, but fun to do!

EDIT (9/8): Here's your analysis you wanted (on SVY):
Your picks- Lucky to get the pick which gives you the FTB
Turn 1- With some 3v2 luck (they don't always work), you got the FTB. Nice job
Turn 2- Could've expanded into CA, but you found your opponent in Africa
Turn 3- Not sure why you blockaded? I assume it was a defensive move, but you fail to take CA, but have a strong grip on Africa
Turn 4- Should've attacked the Congo
Turn 5- You attack the Congo too late, and as a result he is in better position
Turn 6- You both expand into big bonuses (good), but you look to expand into N. Africa
Turn 7- Again the big bonuses are nearly broken, but your opponent looks like he's controlling Africa
Turn 8- Bad news! Your opponent found your blockade and it can be easily broken, not good
Turn 9- Very lucky not to have blockade broken, but you do good in taking East US. Africa looks like his
Turn 10- The blockade should be broken next turn, and he should have 20 apt by that point
Turn 11- You now have one territory between you and your blockade, but he has superior income
Turn 12- You sneak up on his WR and Caucasus bonuses, putting your opponent under pressure
Turn 13- Good work breaking the Caucasus, but Africa is now his
Turn 14- Luckily he fails to retake his bonus, but has a tight grip on Africa
Turn 15- Good use of move order means you easily break in the WR bonus, and two (one would've been enough) OD cards mean you have Africa on the ropes
Turn 16- Weak attack on the Congo means your opponent gets away easily
Turn 17- Lucky that he didn't secure Ufa first
Turn 18- While he depletes your WR force, paul also makes a crucial Kenya blockade
Turn 19- Good use of the OP card means you deplete his income massively. Africa is also under control as he retreats into Antarctica
Turn 20- This time paul fails to effectively use the OP card, while you advance closer to his WC bonus
Turn 21- Canada could've been captured
Turn 22- Successful surges into Antarctica and SA mean an easy Antarctic take, while WR and WC bonuses look weakened
FINAL TURN- You successfully break into WC, while Canada and Antarctica would've been captured next turn.

Edited 8/9/2015 02:34:23
Game analysis please: 8/9/2015 06:04:22

Level 47
Thanks a lot. I didn't think when I blockaded. I thought it would defend my S. American bonuses. Didn't occur to me that not blockading it would make him think that I didn't possess South America.
Plus I got lucky that he didn't seize Egypt when I was threatening to break into the Middle East, instead attacking my stack.
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