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Map and bonus sizes: 9/2/2013 15:23:26

{rp} Ibn Batuta 
Level 56
Did anyone else noticed that new maps tend to be bigger (in pixels) than they used to be?

Its main consequence is that the bonus links become (relatively) smaller, which i think make them more dificult to "read" or get an idea of the bonus sizes, and make maps less enjoyable when playing.

On my little experience on map making, the strict requirement of fitting 2 digit armies on every territory makes us choose for enlarging maps to make sure they won't be sent back to developement version.

I understant that 2 digits armies is a perfectly reasonable requirement, but I suggest it may be accompanied with a certain proportion on territory-bonus-pixels proportion.

I'm thinking on awesome Fall of Jerusalem.
I can imagine its precious engravements wouldn't be posible on a smaller map, which is a diferent issue, but reading bonus links at first sight would be better in order to play.

I'm not regretting neither Fizzer nor Incaman, just sharing a general impression on some of the last maps published or tested.
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