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Update 3.10: 8/3/2015 15:57:03

Level 57

Lets break it down...

"Twitch.tv Integration"

^^ This is brilliant.. It connects the WarLight community and encourages the top players to do streams to help lesser-skilled players.. This is a feature that deserves nothing but praise.. surely :)

"History Overhaul"

Minor change.. But It has just made the game so much easier to review.. Instead of opening a history box which covers almost half the map.. This was a feature that probably should've been put in earlier.. It has just made reviewing games more easier and more convenient than before.. Love it!! But the perspective setting is just it re-makes the scenario of playing the game .. if thats makes any sense.. it's reliving what you would've planned or what could've done to win the game each turn..

"Recent Games Page"

It's a handy tool for members and streamers to find games.. quickly and more conveniently.. Altough it doesn't affect the majority of the Warlight community.. It is a welcomed change =)

"In-progress real-time games now always show up in the My Games section"

I thought this was always in place? If someone is caring enough to explain that would be helpful

"Other Changes"

-Much needed the setting to sort out games by ended date.. This will make it more easier for players to find games that they would review.. This will help many.

-Your templates are now sorted by how recently you used them to create a multi-player game... Makes it more convenient.. Will work well with some

-The ability to override bonuses has been moved to a high level, and some level rewards were re-arranged to make room for it..... This will give a new-aspect to diplomacy games... It will give more creativity to game creating..

- The bomb card now shows a faded “Bomb” over the territory, like the abandon and blockade cards do.. Makes the game more strategic..

-"Ads are automatically disabled when purchasing a membership instead of requiring users to uncheck a box." .. Minor changes.. Only purpose is for members who haven't found the settings button yet..

- "Live-streamers can now create open tournaments for free for the use of live-streaming. Visit https://www.warlight.net/RequestLivestreamPermission to request this."... I love this update... It will make more streamers create open tournaments for the public which will include the wider community.. It's a small setting but I think it have a impact in how streams are held...

-Removed links to the old My Games and Open Games pages. They can still be accessed by url for now: https://www.warlight.net/MultiPlayer?MyGames=1 https://www.warlight.net/MultiPlayer?OpenGames=1
...... I don't see the reason if your going to remove "my games" and "open games" if you are still going to release the URL.. But besides that this is the only setting that has over-shadowed the whole update as a whole.. Which is pretty sad cause this update is actually great when you know the whole update.. But people are complaining and calling it a bad update just for this setting.. This is not a good change.. It is crowding the "dashboard" there is too much going on for me with tabs going everywhere.. I do get loss sometimes, How will newbies guide their way through? I will give an example.. go on this site playdiplomacy.com and see the comparisons in negotiating through to a open game...

Conclusion = This has been an overall good update... People are just being ignorant as usuall only noticing the one change that people just don't like.. Just look at this blog above and read the updates .. Most people haven't and has judged a book from their cover with the tabs gone... Really guys.. We should be praising Fizzer for the brilliant update.. It has encouraged streaming and reviewing of games. I do believe the tabs being removed is a really bad idea and serves no purpose as I've explained above.. The only thing we could possibly do is just keep up the pressure of wanting the tabs back and Fizzer may include it back in Update 3.11...
Update 3.10: 8/3/2015 16:22:13

Level 55
This update had it's good things, minor. Then it has one bad thing, major.

That's not just negativity bias, that's just net terrible. But +1 with all the other issues, you described it well.

Edited 8/3/2015 16:22:40
Update 3.10: 8/3/2015 16:27:49

Level 60
Why make a new thread?

...we need mod tools
Update 3.10: 8/3/2015 16:29:22

Level 55
Don't you have limited moderation powers?

I think Fizzer will add +1 and -1 officially in the next update; in the AMA, he was very supportive of this system.
Update 3.10: 8/3/2015 16:39:45

Level 60
Yeah, moving threads to another forum. That is ALL.

We don't have a mechanism to combine threads. That would have to be coded and obviously Fizzer has bigger things to do.
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