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A couple of interface improvements.: 8/3/2015 15:52:47

Level 55
So, thanks to MasterHFG I discovered that there was a site specifically for submitting suggestions.

Here's a list of nitpicky suggestion in a post that is probably way too long: https://warlight.uservoice.com/forums/77051-warlight-features/suggestions/9150001-a-few-ideas-and-suggestions-regarding-the-interfac

Here's what I wrote down:
1. Quick Clan Page Access - This idea is to access the clan pages quicker than going to your player page or the forums tab. Below your the name box on the top-right there should be another nearly identical clan box below it displaying the clan name and icon. When it's click it would expand and display the options of - "Clan Page", "Clan Forum" and "Players list"

2. Being Able to Search for Maps in the "Maps" tab - This one is pretty self-explanitory. There is no reason why you shouldn't be able to search for maps in the "Maps" tab as you can search for them when creating games. Also, it would be nice to have more filters and ways to sort maps like being able to set it to display maps that you haven't (or have) unlocked or from Level X to Level Y or show maps only from a certain creator.

3. Access to all colours - Why is it that we can only use colours like Royal Blue, Rain Forest and Peach by having our colour already taken? It seems kind of pointless to not be able to set all available colours to primary.

4. Being able to hide armies and displayed orders while viewing history- Self - explanitory.

5. Better "Clans" Tab - Currently the tab looks pretty plain with only blue text on a black backround. The clan names and icons should be in boxes like the player names in the tournament UI (Or the player list in the clan page) , aswell as show information like number of players or when the clan was created next to the name. The information should be sortable.

6. Sorting players in the clan page - Usually clans have special titles that several players have at once. It would be nice to able to sort the list by the title. The order would either be alphabetical or can be edited by the clan owner. The player's level should also be displayed next to the name. This would be especially nice since the list is sorted from highest to lowest level.

7. Up/Down Voting Forum Posts - Again self-explanitory. It should also be possible to either sort the forums by "Most Recent" or "Most Popular".

Edited 8/3/2015 15:53:41
A couple of interface improvements.: 8/3/2015 16:08:26

Richard Sharpe 
Level 59
You should separate your ideas into individual user voices. You are more likely to get traction with one or two of them rather than all 7.
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