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More Votes!: 2/18/2011 23:09:30

Level 36
Come Saturday, there will be 478 votes that will be freed up from Ladder and Auto Boot. Please go on UserVoice this Saturday after the update and place your votes for other items! I know there is a big list of new ideas that came in so take a look around and vote!
More Votes!: 2/18/2011 23:19:50

Level 56
More Votes!: 2/19/2011 01:01:01

Level 14
Since you can change your votes at any time, you can move votes away from Ladder and Autoboot right now if you so choose. My suggestion would be to anonymous games :)
More Votes!: 2/21/2011 00:49:46

The Impaller 
Level 9
Shameless promotion:


I continually have to change the filter options from "Games where I am not eliminated" to "Games with unread chat messages" and back and forth and back and forth. If your preferred options for what games you want to show up on your page isn't represented by the current choices then vote this up!
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