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Tweak to extreme fog option: 2/18/2011 03:07:08

Blue Precision 
Level 32
I didn't want to make a user voice suggestion before running it by the public first. Here's what prompted the thought:

Extreme fog is a fun switch-it-up scenario but I don't play it as often as I would like to because it is in some senses very unrealistic. I thought it would be more balanced, more fun, and more strategic for both the attacker and the defender if the following change occurred:

Any territory that a player attacks, the attacker will know the full strength of that territory for that turn. For example: I occupy Iran and Ruthless is on Afghanistan (neither of us know this at this point). I decide to attack him with a scout for of two men. The following turn I will be privy of knowing his stack at the time (say its 15 remaining) and on his screen (assuming he didn't attack me as well) he would not see anything.

Important to note: The following turn Ruthless could deploy more men to Afghanistan but I would only see the intel that I saw the previous turn (i.e. he may have deployed 9 more men but I would still only see 15 unless I decide to attack him again to get an update).

Anyways, I would like to hear your thoughts on this. Its similar to another idea that I read whereas attacks gave a +/- 30% accurate intel but I think idea left too much luck quotient for some players to find enjoyable. Also, perhaps people will not like 1 or two attacks to give intel to the attacker. In this case perhaps only an attack of 3 or more would count as a "scout" attack.
Tweak to extreme fog option: 2/18/2011 03:25:14

Level 56
I like this idea a lot, even though I dont play extreem much.

it could be added to "whatever the fog is called when you can see where your opponent is but not how many troops are on it"
Tweak to extreme fog option: 2/18/2011 04:17:37

Level 36
First, thanks for using me as an example. And Second, I really like this idea. I think it would make Extreme fog games super fun. I could see this being useful if you're turtling and you have no way to produce cards but you want to see whats around you.
Tweak to extreme fog option: 2/18/2011 04:20:19

Level 44
if it was implemented as an option for extreme games, it could also be used in dense and heavy, for the same reasoning...

*presuming i am remembering my fogs correctly*
Tweak to extreme fog option: 2/18/2011 05:14:44

Level 3
That's a neat idea.
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