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multiaccounting in ffa game: 7/25/2015 17:51:17

Level 41

players Ptolemeo and Che the RED are clearly operated by the same person; check turn 14 if you have doubts - red hardly deploys against yellow; and red does not surrender when it's clear he won't win, but continues to fight the third guy;
both players of same country - and red always committed very fast, yellow always late;

I know Fizzer does not give a sh!t about multiaccounting in no-coin-games, but I think the majority of the playerbase does;

so just bl them to make sure^^

multiaccounting in ffa game: 7/25/2015 18:19:04

MightySpeck (a Koala) 
Level 58
maybe it is just friends?
multiaccounting in ffa game: 7/25/2015 18:23:42

Level 51
It actually is against the rules to use an alt to cheat in a game, and Fizzer does normally take action if you file a Report against a player for using two accounts in the same game, ladder, or tournament.

That said, Speck does have a point- they could've just been friends. Only Fizzer himself can know with any hint of certainty what's up. But in any case, I'm BL'ing them because they would still ruin the game.
multiaccounting in ffa game: 7/25/2015 18:35:29

Level 57
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