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An Apology to the Forum: 7/19/2015 23:31:43

Tyrion Lannister
Level 54
Hello All:

After reading a thread on the General Forum, I decided to write this.

First of, I would like to apologize to anyone if I ever came off as someone who encouraged violence, or as socially offensive. I hope that none of you even attempts to harm or harass someone, including Homosexuals, furries, Christians, or Muslims. Threatening violence upon someone is not funny, and neither is the virtual "fight" in this forum being taking so seriously.

The sad thing is, we've had an over-abundance, of f-words, s***, and just poor threads. I must confess, I've only made things worse.

Recently, the suggestions have always been giving mods more power- but trolls will always find a way past if they try hard enough. Which is why I suggest this: self-imposed moderation. Using asterisk's instead of cursing. Try to avoid poor topics, such as violence and rape. Think more before posting. Instead of trying to escalate situations, de-escalate them.

The children thank you.
An Apology to the Forum: 7/19/2015 23:51:48

Lolicon love
Level 56
it's ok i forgive you
An Apology to the Forum: 7/20/2015 01:40:08

Level 57
Before I saw your post I was like? What your a nice guy, You might not like me but still I thought "Oh look he's a nice guy)

Then when I saw this

and see you apologising now, I'm wordless xD

Edited 7/20/2015 01:45:58
An Apology to the Forum: 7/20/2015 17:53:25

#The Prussian Job-Oh yeah, baby...
Level 51
We all are glad about you apolizing;but could you from now on please stop trolling?
I can´t be the biggest troll when other trolls like you steal me the show!!!!-XDDDDDD

Edited 7/20/2015 17:54:34
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