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Help request (regarding Challenge 2 specifically): 2/13/2011 14:08:13

Level 2
As the title says I can NOT seem to win in challenge number 2.
Are there any general tips I could be missing anyone can offer? I've tried playing defensively, offensively, mixing the two expansion, containment, but whichever I use even if I do well initially I get utterly crushed in the end..
I attack when I'm quite sure I'll have 2x their number, and I try to get 5 defence on safe borders and 10 on risky ones.

And I know this is off-topic, but I do think the AI is prejudiced towards the player (unless that's the point). Even when bordering enemy teams, the AI chooses to use all its resources on war with me when a riper reward would come by attacking their neighbour.
Help request (regarding Challenge 2 specifically): 2/13/2011 16:43:50

Level 44

has a link with some ideas, and a link to an older thread talking about both the insane and crazy challange if i recall..
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