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When playing in a team game, you and your teammates should work together to conquer the world.


[edit] Team Gameplay

Team games work mostly the same as normal games - you still must control an entire bonus by yourself to get credit for it and it's impossible to deploy armies on a teammate's territory.

There are, however, a few key differences:

  • You can transfer armies to a teammate. Simply issue an "Attack/Transfer" or "Transfer" order into one of their territories and your armies will be given to them.
  • In a fog game, you can see your teammates' territories and their actions.
  • You and your teammates share the same hand of cards. It is recommended that you coordinate with your teammates to determine who should play your cards and when.
  • Warzone will not automatically attack a teammate, even if you select "Attack Only." However, there are times where you may need to attack a teammate (for instance, if they control a territory in a bonus you want to take.) This is governed by the "Treat teammates as enemies" checkbox in the Attack/Transfer dialog. It is advisable for you to communicate with your teammate to get them to move out of the way as much as possible before executing attacks against them. There's also a friendly dialog to make setting this checkbox this easier, the attack teammates warning.
  • You cannot get cards for a turn by taking territories from your teammate. In a team game, you will receive cards for capturing enemy or neutral territories.
  • You and your teammates share your own chat apart from the public one. You can use this to communicate with your teammates without other players knowing what you're saying.

[edit] How to create a team game

To get a team game set up quickly, you can use the team game built-in template.

However, if you want more control over your game settings, you can use the Custom Game button or check the Customize Template check-box. To make your custom game a team game, just don't check the "Team Game" button that's located on the "Select Players" page.

[edit] Manual versus Random

In Warzone, you can set up a team game in two ways: randomly or manually.

[edit] Manual Teams

When a player creates a game, they can elect to specify exactly who will be teamed up with who. You know that a game has pre-determined teams since the teams will be displayed in the game lobby.

[edit] Random Teams

When a player creates a game, they can have Warzone randomly determine the teams when the game begins. You can tell if a game used random teams by looking at the settings. Look for the entry labeled "At game start, randomly divide players into teams."

[edit] Team Wins

When a team wins a game, every player on that team's state is changed to "Winner", even if they were eliminated, surrendered or booted. Therefore, a win for a team counts as a win for every player of the team, regardless of what happened to them before the win.

It should be noted, however, that if a team player is eliminated, surrendered or booted, the game will appear as a loss for for that player on their profile while the game is still in-progress. If their teammates pull out a victory, that loss will be replaced by a win when the victory is official.

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