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Game creators can add Open Seats to their game in the place of a player. Any game with open seats is considered an Open Game. All open games are listed on the Open Games Tab, which is located under the main Multi-Player tab.

Open seats are a great way to meet new players or for getting a new game up-and-running quickly.

To make an open game, just use the "Add Open Seat" button on the last step of the create game wizard.

[edit] Expiration

In the event that an open seat is not filled after too long, it will expire and will no longer be advertised on the Open Games tab. This is a safety mechanism designed to prevent undesirable games from clogging up this area for long periods of time.

Open seats in real-time games expire after 1 hour, and open seats in multi-day games expire after 12 hours. The host can reset this timer simply by pressing "Change Players" and then "Confirm".

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