Limited Multiattacks

Mod description

This mod allows you to limit the attack range of multiattack. Furthermore, you can bind it to cards

How to use


an attack chain

It is quite important to check up on the mod settings when a game uses this mod. There are 2 settings you have to know to use multi attack properly:

  1. Is multi attack bound to a card or multiple cards?
  2. What is the limit of a multi attack chain?

When multi attack is bound to a card or multiple cards the effect of multi attack is only enabled when you’ve played one of those cards. If multi attack is bound to the reinforcement card you’ll only be able to use multi attack if you played the reinforcement card. If it is bound to multiple cards (say spy card and gift card) you’ll only have to play 1 of (either) those cards, not both to enable multi attack. Note that multi attack is only enabled for you if you played the card, if other players want to have multi attack too they too have to play a card that enables it.

If you enable multi attack (or when it is always enabled) you still have to watch out for the limit of multi attacks. The mod keeps track of how many attacks armies have made so when they reach the limit the attacks are canceled, most of the time breaking your normal multi attack chain (an attack gets skipped, and all other attacks in the chain won’t go through since you don’t own the attacking territory) and leads to confusion for most players.

When the limit of multi attacks is not set to 0 attacks after the limit reached will be canceled. If the limit is set to 5, you’re able to make 1 attack as you normally do in every warzone game and pre-route 4 other attacks using the same armies. If you make one more pre-routed attack it will get canceled, leading that (if there are even more) attacks after the canceled attack won’t happen as you would imagine since you don’t own the attacking territory at the time the order is happening.

Note that when armies make a transfer they are completely stuck for the rest of the turn. This is the case in every Warzone game. it is not (yet) possible to cancel this, even in normal multi attack games.

How to set up

  • You don’t need to enable multi attack yourself, the mod will override this setting.
  • You can specify what the limit of multi attacks will be (see bugs for an ongoing issue). This value can be set to any number between 0 and 100.000.
  • To make the multi attacks behave like a normal Warzone game with multi attack you should keep the option on. If you keep the option off every failed attack will freeze the remaining armies on the territory the attack was from, canceling all attacks / transfers from this territory.
  • The remaining checkboxes are for binding multi attack to a card or cards. Check the boxes of the corresponding cards you want, if you want multi attack to be bound to a card or cards. If you don’t want multi attack to be bound to a card or cards, leave all the checkboxes unchecked.


  • (bugfix in review) Currently it is not yet possible to set the limit of multi attack to 0, although the UI does tell you it is. Trying to do this results in an alert telling you it is not possible, and even if the value goes through it gets overwritten to 1. If you want to have unlimited multi attacks (most usable in combination with enabling it with cards) you can set it to 100.000, which is technically infinite multi attacks
  • (Bug solved) When transferring to a territory all attack / transfer orders from the receiving territory gets canceled.


This mod is compatible with every settings and mod as far as we know