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The WebGL version allows Warzone to be played in a web browser. It is currently only accessible by members. It can be turned on or off at https://www.warlight.net/ChangeUnityWebGL

[edit] Tips for the Best Experience

To get the fastest play experience, it is recommend you install FireFox 58 or higher. At the time of this writing, to get FireFox 58, you must go to the following URL and click download next to the "Nightly" option: https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/channel/desktop/

Ensure that your WebGL mode is set to Automatic at https://www.warlight.net/ChangeUnityWebGL

[edit] Measuring Performance

To officially compare load speeds of the WebGL version of the game, you can use these links:

When using UnityStats=1 as these links do, it will print the load speed in the upper right corner once loaded. The key number to look at is the last one, where it says Loading=. Numbers are in milliseconds.

I recommend refreshing a couple times after loading the game this way, and taking the fastest time. This ensures the game's files get cached in your browser so we're only measuring load time, not download time which is dependant mostly on how fast your internet connection is.

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