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You can upload your SVG file into Warzone by following these steps:

  • Use this link to enable the Design Maps link: Enable Map Development
  • Click the Multi-Player tab then Design Maps
  • Click Create New Map
  • Select your svg file
  • Enter your map's name and description

[edit] Updating an existing map's SVG file

If you need to make changes to your SVG file after uploading it, simply use the "Upload new SVG" button in the map designer.

A word of caution when updating your SVG: If you upload a new SVG file that doesn't contain a territory (by number) that the map used to contain, this territory data will be removed from your map. This is expected, as this is in fact the only way to remove territories. If you accidently upload an empty SVG file, it would effectively remove all of your territories and there is no way to undo this action. Just be aware what SVG you upload, and if you're not confident, you can try uploading into a duplicate version as a test (just remember to delete the duplicate when you're done to save space.)

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