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In a round-robin tournament, each player or team plays each other player or team exactly once. The winner is then determined by the player who won the most games.

The tournament creator can decide how many games take place at once. For example, if this is set to two, each player will never be in more than two games of this tournament at any given time. If this number is set to a number greater than the number of players in the tournament, all of the tournament games are created at once.

In the event of a tie at the end of the tournament, the winner is decided by who won when the tied players played each other.

While double-elimination and single-elimination tournaments will automatically start once enough players join, round-robin tournaments instead require that the host clicks the "Start" button when they are ready for the tournament to begin. The tournament will begin with only those who have accepted it when "Start" is clicked.

Round-robin tournaments are limited to 20 teams maximum.

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