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Here you write something I can't understand: 'These games use a 16% luck level, which means that 2v1s and 4v2s are guaranteed wins. New players sometimes think they need to attack 1s with 3s or 2s with 5s just to be sure they win, but this isn't necessary at the 16% luck level.'

Maybe I don't get the term 'guareateed', but it often happens that if you attack with 4 on a neutral with 2 in it the attack is not successful. And this would even happen smt. if the luck level would be at 1%, very rarely than of course. So maybe I really didn't get the term "guaranteed"....

[edit] 1 v 1?

Should the spaces really be there? I have more often seen 1v1 than 1 v 1 in game titles and chat. --By Moros (talk) 14:23, 10 July 2013 (PDT)

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