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[edit] What if both sides are dead after an attack?

What happens, if it at all, when attackers kill all of the defenders and the defenders kill of the attackers or why such a situation would not be possible?

Good question! This can happen, but it's only realistically seen with 1v1 attacks and 2v2 attacks. If equal numbers fight and both sides kill the maximum number of armies possible, and since every territory must have at least one army, there would be no armies left to control the captured territory. In this event, WarLight simply resurrects one defending army and allows it to retain control of the territory. For this reason, it's rarely a good idea to attack a 1 with 1 or to attack a 2 with 2. --Fizzer
Shouldn't this case be explained in the article? --DerKassierer
It should be pointed out because currently article says "The defender's kill roll does not impact whether or not the territory is captured.". Being only sentence about capturing suggests, that killing all attacking armies shouldn't affect capture, until all defending armies are killed. That obviously isn't true.--Noxitu
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