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Supply Chain is a game variant. This variant takes place on any map, though templates to Hex Maps are below.

[edit] Recommended Players

Any number. Links to 3 and 6 player games below.

[edit] Settings

This template has the settings of the game variant though it has to be played with an agreement at the start.

This template has the settings for 2v2 on Custom Scenario.

[edit] Full Rules

You can Only Deploy Base Income Armies to a Base. From there, transfer them wherever you need to.

First Base: This is your starting spot. You can always deploy armies here, and this will be the only spot for the first several turns that you should deploy armies to.

New Bases: You can also deploy armies adjacent to any neutral of 20 value or greater. Create a base by blockading 10 armies.

Taking over a Base: You can use bases created by your enemy as long as at least 20 neutral armies remain in the blockade.

Destroying a Base. If the blockade is weakend to less than 20 neutrals the base is destroyed and cannot deploy armies for anyone.

Reinf Cards: These are the only armies that can be deployed away from a base. One Card per Territory. Do not Split or apply more than one card to a territory.

Create This Variant on any map by making a 2.0 blockade card.

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