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Southern Annex is a game variant. This variant takes place on the Double Earth map, where the top Earth is the real battlefield and the bottom Earth can be annexed for huge army gains.

[edit] Recommended Players

Ideally 6 players should play since there are 6 entrances to the southern Earth. However, the game can still be fun for any player count over 2.

[edit] Settings

Use this template

[edit] Full Rules

This variant takes place on the Double Earth map where the southern Earth has had its bonus values increased by 5x. This means bonus values range from 15 to 35.

This template uses a custom scenario to start all players on the northern Earth. Players must take down a neutral of size 30 to enter the southern Earth.

This game uses two special rules that players must obey:

  1. Under no circumstances may players deploy any armies in the southern world. No exceptions. All deployments must happen in the northern world.
  2. If you are eliminated from the northern world, you clearly can't take your turn, and therefore must surrender.
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