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This page lists things that SVG supports that Warzone does not, or things within SVG files that can cause quirky behavior.

[edit] Not Supported

  • Embedded Text (there's a way around this problem by turning the text into paths)
  • Embedded Images (converting it to vectors will solve this problem)
  • Gradients
  • Masks
  • Stroke joint styles other than Round
  • Stroke styles other than solid, such as dashed lines.

[edit] Bug with Small Strokes

There's a bug with Flash that causes strokes (object's borders) to appear too small when the stroke's thickness is 0.5 or lower.

When strokes are 0.5 or lower, Flash will render the stroke as a hairline stroke. That is, an infinitely small one that always takes up one pixel no matter how far you zoom in.

For this reason, you should avoid any strokes of 0.5 or lower.

Note that it's possible to have a object that specifies its stroke greater than 0.5, but if the object is being scaled down due to a transform somewhere else in the SVG file the stroke will be reduced. If the final reduced stroke is less than or equal to 0.5, the issue will appear. Conversely, if an object specifies a stroke of 0.5 or less, but gets scaled up due to a transform to a value greater than 0.5, it will render just fine.

[edit] Heightmap + Evenodd Winding Rule

If using a heightmap, all territories and bonus links will be rendered using the "nonzero" winding rule, even if your svg file specifies it should use the "evenodd" winding rule. This is a necessary limitation of heightmaps. Most of the time, this won't matter, as it only affects paths that cross over themselves, which is a rare thing to do when making Warzone maps.

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