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Game creators may pick between one of two rounding modes when the game is created: weighted random, or straight round. These rounding modes come into effect when a luck modifier calculation ends up with a remainder.

This setting can be just as important as the luck modifier in determining overall luck and randomness in the game, depending on the specific game setup of course.

This setting only applies when the luck modifier is set to a value other than 100%, since at 100%, the results will be whole numbers, which do not need to be rounded.

[edit] Straight Round

This is the default rounding mode.

In straight round mode, Warzone will simply round remainders to the nearest whole number. If the remainder is .5 exactly, the number will be rounded up.

This mode is useful for those who don't like random factors in their games, including people looking for pure skill games devoid of any luck whatsoever. Be aware though that using the straight round mode introduces a bit of micro-management into the game, which can sometimes reduce the overall fun. For example, if you use a 0% luck modifier with the default kill rate of 60%, it makes it a waste to attack with 4 armies since it would have the same effect as attacking with 3 except it puts an additional army of yours at risk and takes that army away from other places on the board. Therefore in this mode, you can get a significant leg up by researching and knowing how many armies you should be attacking with to get the desired results for the situation in question.

[edit] Weighted Random

In the weighted random mode, Warzone will use a weighted random roll to determine if the number should be rounded up or down.

For example, if the luck modifier formula determines that 12.8 armies should be killed, there is an 80% chance that the result will be rounded up to 13 and a 20% chance that the result will be rounded down to 12.

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