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Real Locations is a game variant. In this variant, players must start the game at the same location they are at in the real world.

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[edit] Important Settings

[edit] Full Rules

When players are picking the territories they want to start with, they must pick the location they are currently at in real-life as their #1 pick (as close as possible given the available possibilities on the map.)

For pick #2 and up, they must spiral out from their #1 pick so that if their #1 pick is taken by someone else, they will start as close as possible to their real-life location.

Once the game starts, players can go wherever they want and are not bound by any rules. Obviously this variant is not intended to be fair, but it's fun to play a game with lopsided populations.

If so desired, players are allowed to physically travel to a different location when making their picks so that they may take that location as their #1 pick. This is an extreme case as most players will not be willing to do so, but the option is available.

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