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Quickmatch is the easiest way to be matched into multi-player Warzone games with your fellow players. The goal is to quickly and easily get you into a fun game of Warzone that you will enjoy.

It's is designed for both brand-new as well as experienced players.

Quickmatch can be found under multi-player, either the drop-down on the website at warzone.com or under the tab in the mobile app.


[edit] Playing Real-Time

Select the big green "Play Now" button to be given a real-time game.

[edit] Playing Multi-Day

Check the "Invite me to multi-day games" check-box to receive invites to multi-day games. If you wish to make them stop, you can un-check this box.

[edit] Templates

When starting out, players will have only one template available to them. As they win games, they'll unlock additional templates to play with. If you don't like a template, select the Templates button and you can enable or disable any template. You always have full control over the templates quickmatch will use.

Once a player win their 40th quickmatch game, they will unlock voting. Voting allows you to vote on which templates you want to be in quickmatch for everyone. Templates update once every 24 hours based on their votes, and the top 40 templates will be included.

[edit] Matching

Quickmatch attempts to match you with someone best suited to your current skill level on the template for that game. To accomplish this, it combines your quickmatch rating for that template as well as your global quickmatch rating into a match rating.

Overall, match ratings correlate with skill much more closely than the player's levels, so it will give much better matches than matching on level would.

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