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GameOrderEvent: Subclass of GameOrder. This is a generic event that can present a message or modify territories. It can also control which players can see it. It was added for use by Mods and is not used by any built-in game mechanics.

  • Message string:
  • TerritoryModifications Array<TerritoryModification>: Optionally, can modify territories, such as changing ownership or armies.
  • VisibleToOpt HashSet<PlayerID>: Defines who this event is visible to. Note that the player this event is assigned to can always see it, and any player who can see the effects of a territory modification can always see it as well. Set this to nil to mean that it should be visible to everyone (public). Set this to an empty list to indicate that the event should not be visible to anyone, except those that can see it by a previously mentioned rule.
  • SetResourceOpt Table<PlayerID,Table<ResourceType (enum),integer>>: Sets the resource value of a player, such as their gold, to a specific value.
  • IncomeMods Array<IncomeMod>:
  • AddResourceOpt Table<PlayerID,Table<ResourceType (enum),integer>>: Adds (or subtracts with negative numbers) to the resources of a player, such as their gold. When adding or subtracting a fixed number, this is preferred over SetResourceOpt. Added in version 5.20.0.
  • AddCardPiecesOpt Table<PlayerID,Table<CardID,integer>>: Provides a way to add (or remove with negative numbers) pieces of a card to a player. This can also add whole cards -- if the player's total cards exceeds the number of peices that make up that card as defined in the game settings, they will automatically be turned into whole cards and be given to the player. This cannot remove whole cards. For that, use RemoveWholeCardsOpt.
  • RemoveWholeCardsOpt Table<PlayerID,CardInstanceID>: Removes whole cards from a player.
  • JumpToActionSpotOpt RectangleVM: If specified, this will be the spot on the map that the map focuses on when the player clicks on this event in the orders list. Specify coordinates on the map, which you can get by looking at a TerritoryDetails object.
  • ModID Nullable<ModID>:

[edit] Functions

  • WL.GameOrderEvent.Create(playerID PlayerID, message string, visibleToOpt HashSet<PlayerID>, terrModsOpt Array<TerritoryModification>, setResourcesOpt Table<PlayerID,Table<ResourceType (enum),integer>>, incomeModsOpt Array<IncomeMod>) (static) returns GameOrderEvent:
    • playerID: Pass the ID of a player that this event pertains to. This is one of the few players where WL.PlayerID.Neutral is an allowed value. An event assigned to Neutral is suitable for events that weren't initiated by a player.
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