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Mega Games are Warzone Classic multi-player games that can involve more than 40 players.

Mega Games work just like normal games with the following exceptions:

  • In order to ensure every player’s territories look different on the map, new colors have been added that have patterns on them, such as horizontal lines, vertical lines, squares, circles, triangles, etc.
  • Mega Games automatically use open seats for filling all seats. Therefore, you can’t create a private one
  • Open seats never expire on Mega Games, so the game won’t ever expire from the Open Games list until it fills. The creator of a Mega Game can always start it early by using the Start Game button if they don’t want to wait for it to fill
  • Mega Games are automatically advertised on the Multi-Player Dashboard page, so they should get a lot of visibility to help them fill quickly
  • No fixed teams: they must either be an FFA or use random teams
  • If a custom scenario is used, it must use "randomized slots" feature to ensure that the game creator does not get any advantage over others.
  • No coin entry fees. Can still have a coin prize
  • No real-time: They must be multi-day.
  • No mods
  • They cost coins to create

The option for creating a Mega Game is listed on the normal Create Multi-Player Game page, directly below “Invite via code”. This option only appears if you’re using version 5.18.0 of the app or higher and have at least 300 coins.

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