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Hunt is a game variant. In this variant, each player is randomly assigned one other player that they are hunting. When someone gets eliminated, the player hunting them is awarded one point. At the end of the game, the winner is the person who scored the most points, not the one who took over the map.

[edit] Recommended players

8 or more, plus a moderator

[edit] Start settings

Use this template

[edit] Full Rules

One player must be elected the moderator of the game. The moderator cannot play, but they should be invited to the game anyway and then decline. Declining is done so they can still chat in the game.

Before the game begins, the moderator puts all of the players names in a hat and draws each name out and records the order of the players. This defines who is hunting who - each player is hunting the player after them, and the last player drawn is hunting the first player. This ensures that nobody is hunting the same person that is hunting them.

The moderator then secretly e-mails or private-messages each player to tell them who they are hunting (who their prey is).

The game then plays out normally with no restrictions. Whenever a player is eliminated, their hunter scores one point. The hunter then inherits the prey of the eliminated player, so that everyone is always hunting one person and being hunted by one person at all times. The moderator e-mails or private messages the hunter to tell them who their next prey is.

All eliminations score a point, even if the hunter isn't the one who did the killing. This means it's not usually a good idea to attack someone too much that isn't your prey - you're just helping someone else score a point. This also means many of your neighbors won't be too interested in killing you - use this to your advantage. Surrenders or boots also count as eliminations and award a point.

As an optional rule, the moderator can also announce in chat what the score is after each elimination. This lets everyone know who is winning, which makes it harder for one player to secretly dominate the board.

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