Host spies on and can eliminate players

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Mod name Host spies on and can eliminate players
Creator DanWL
Made public on 2024-01-10 [1]
Category Experimental
Tags #Convenience
#UI Only
Runs on Warzone version 5.22+
Source code GitHub

This mod gives host the ability to view the whole game and eliminate players at their own will, to discourage collusion (making alliances etc.). If you do not trust the game creator with the abilities this mod grants them, you should not join the game. The host must join the game but can't play the game and must not be on anyone's team (because otherwise they have unfair advantage of seeing everything). The host should remain unbiased when deciding if collusions are being made. The host's starting territories are reduced to 1, unless it's a custom scenario with auto distribution. Orders that add or remove territories or armies from the host are skipped or recreated in a way that prevents the host's territories from being changed. This is to make sure the host is kept alive so that the game stays in their dashboard for easier accessibility. The host can still use the mod even if they have surrendered or been eliminated.

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