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Flags is a game variant. In this variant, players have the ability to forego their chance at first place in order to increase their chances at getting second place.


[edit] Recommended players

5 and up

[edit] Important Settings

None (any settings will work)

[edit] Full Rules

  • When the game starts, everyone is holding a 1st place flag. This means everyone is trying for 1st place.
  • At some point when you feel you cannot win, you can downgrade your flag to a lower place. For example, you can go from holding a 1st place flag to a 2nd place flag, a 2nd place flag to a 3rd place flag, or a 1st place flag to a 3rd place flag. You would then compete with the other players that hold that same flag for that place. To downgrade your flag, just say so in public chat. The game host can keep a running total of what everyone is at.
  • You can never upgrade your flag to a higher place. For example, once you declare your 2nd place flag, you can never take 1st place. The best place you can take is 2nd.
  • The last person holding a 1st place flag wins, even if that player gets eliminated. The last 2nd place flag holder gets 2nd place and so on. The game ends when 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners are declared.

[edit] Strategy

It doesn't make sense to attack someone at a lower or higher placed flag than yourself. Downgrading is a big decision and should only be done if you are sure you can't win at your current level.

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