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Warzone can be played both on the website and via an iOS/Android app. The primary game is the same between the two, however, there are some differences. This page explains the differences.


[edit] Accounts

Accounts share full party between the website and the app. That is, if you create an account with any device or computer, you can sign into that account on any other device or computer.

[edit] Multi-Player Games

Multi-player games share full party between the website and the app. If you create or join a game using any device or computer, you can always play that game from any other device or computer.

[edit] Single-Player Games

If you beat a level while signed into your account, your score will be saved and the next level will be unlocked across all devices and computers. However, if you save an in-progress single-player game, that game can only be continued on the same device or computer.

[edit] Ladders

In order to join, leave, or view the status of a ladder, you must view the Warzone website. If you are using the Warzone app, you must open your browser and visit the website to join or leave a ladder. However, like tournaments, once you join a ladder, the ladder games will appear on your My Games page just like any other games, so you can play them from the Warzone app.

[edit] Map Creation

If you want to create your own maps, you must do this via the website from a computer. Maps cannot be created on mobile devices since it requires the Flash plugin.

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