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Warzone contains thirty-four built-in single-player levels, but it's easy to create your own! In fact, the built-in levels don't do anything you couldn't do through the normal game customization process.


[edit] Community Levels

It is possible to create your own levels and have them show publicly under the Community Levels sub-tab under Single Player. To create your own community level, follow these steps:

  1. Start out by ensuring you’re signed into your Warzone account.
  2. Select the Single Player tab.
  3. Select the My Levels sub-tab.
  4. Click on Create Level.
  5. Add a level name.
  6. Click on Edit Template.
  7. Add the amount of players that you wish to play against.
  8. Set the level's map.
  9. Set the level's basic, initial distribution, armies and card settings. Optionally, make the template "pure-skill".
  10. Click Save and Play.
  11. Defeat your level.
  12. Optionally, change your level's details such as the level name, AI names and initial card pieces. Remember to click Save after you've done this.
  13. Then, press Publish.

[edit] Private Levels

If you only wanted your friends to play your own single player levels, follow the steps below.

[edit] Creating a Private Level

  1. Start out by ensuring you’re signed into your Warzone account.
  2. Select the Single Player tab.
  3. Click Custom Game, then Custom Game again.
  4. Pick the map to use for your level.
  5. Click the “Initial Distribution” tab at the top.
  6. Check the “Custom Scenario” radio button.
  7. Click the “Launch Custom Scenario Builder” button.
  8. Now you can lay out your level any way you’d like. Assign territories to Slot “A” to determine where the player will start, and any other slot to determine where the AIs will start.
  9. After finishing the map layout, you can set any other options on your game, such as cards, fog, armies per turn, teams, etc.
  10. Click “Next”, and add AIs to your game. You should assign slot “A” to yourself, and AIs to all other slots.
  11. Click “Next”, and the game will ask you to save this as a template. Select “Yes”, and then give your level a descriptive name.
  12. Click “Save Template.” You will be given a URL, such as You can share this URL with your friends that they can play your level.

[edit] Making Changes to it

  1. Click Custom Game like before.
  2. Select “My Saved Templates”
  3. Select your level, click the “Customize Template” check-box, and click “Next”
  4. Make changes to your level and template as desired.
  5. When promoted to save your template, select “Yes”, then “Overwrite this Template”, then “Save Template”

[edit] Designing your own map

It’s possible to design your own map for a single-player level, too. To do this, simply make the map via the normal process and change it into “Testing” mode. Then follow the above steps, ensuring you pick your map from the Testing category.

While your map is in Testing mode, other players can’t play your level, even if you give them the template URL. However, once you have finished designing your level, you should change your map to “public.” Once it is public, any player can play your level.

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