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In games with automatic booting enabled, players orders can be auto-committed if they don't press the commit button. This is a convenience feature designed to help avoid unnecessary boots.

Warzone will use your orders even if they don't fully deploy all armies. If you see a game where a player didn't deploy all armies in a non-commerce game, it's due to auto-commit. To avoid losing armies, be sure to always commit your orders using the Commit button before the timer hits 0.

This only happens if the player had entered orders for that game. If they never opened the game, or opened it but didn't enter any orders, then auto-commit will not function and they'll still be booted.

[edit] Don't rely on Auto-Commit

Auto-commit tries its best to help you avoid boots, but it's not guaranteed. You shouldn't rely on this feature. It's best to always commit orders yourself, or you might find yourself booted, for several reasons:

  1. The server may not have received your orders either due to a spotty internet connections or due to closing the app before they were fully sent. You can confirm if the server has your orders by closing and re-opening the game and seeing if they persist.
  2. Your orders may not be complete. The server will use orders even if they don't fully deploy or fully use cards that they must. This will lead to a disadvantage.
  3. The server may not be able to use your orders. There are some edge cases where orders are deemed invalid and thrown out. If the orders can't be used, you'll be booted.
  4. Other players could manually boot you before the auto-booter gets a chance. Auto-commit only works on the auto-booter. It does not protect you against another player directly booting you.
  5. You'll use up all your banked time, if the game has banking boot times enabled.
  6. It slows down the game for other players.
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