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Army Camps are one the core ways to get armies in Warzone Idle. Army camps generate armies every second.

Each level, you start with a single army camp, but you can find more by exploring the map.

Army camps can be upgraded to produce more armies per second. The upgrade cost varies depending on the camp and the level, so the costs are not listed in this wiki.

[edit] Generation Rate

The army camp that you start with gives armies based on this formula:

3 * Level ^ 2 + Level + 3

These numbers can be increased via your tech upgrades, advancement upgrades, supercharge powers, etc.

For later army camps you receive, they will often have a Base Level. This isn't shown in the game, but you can think of it as free levels. For example, if a camp as a Base Level of 4, but it shows as Level 1 in the game, it actually produces armies at the rate of a level 5 in the table above, and upgrading it will result in it producing armies at the rate of a level 6 in the table above.

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