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1v1 vs 1v1 is a game variant. In this variant, two independent 1v1 games play out on the same map, and then the winners of each fight each other.

[edit] Recommended Players


[edit] Settings

Use this template. This template specifies the Strategic 1v1 settings, except on Double Medium Earth so that there are two earths.

[edit] Full Rules

  • Rule #1: Players A and B must make all 6 of their picks in the TOP world. Players C and D must make all 6 of their picks in the BOTTOM world.
  • Rule #2: Players may not pass into the other world until your opponent is eliminated in their world.
  • Rule #3: In order to keep it fair, no surrendering is allowed. However, don't "run" if you've lost, just keep trying to play for the win even in the face of sure-fire defeat.

The game creator should pick 4 players to play, and decide in advance what the two 1v1 match-ups should be. For example, between players A, B, C and D, the game creator should decide that A plays B, and C plays D. The game creator should specify in the game description what the matchups are, and tell everyone whether they should pick the top or bottom world.

By having the winners of each 1v1 face each other at the end, it changes the 1v1 game a bit. The armies/blockades you're left with after your opponent dies will still be relevant, and the speed at which you can eliminate your opponent is vital.

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