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Clan: Brothers in Arms

Number of members: 16
Tagline: No amount of planning will ever replace dumb luck.
Created: 10/8/2013

Bio: We are a group of friendly/reliable players who focus primarily on multi-day tournament play. If you are interested in joining then please set up a game with Botanator, DrummingManiac1, Piper or Bigby. Looking for players with at least the following stats:
Overall win% = 50% minimum
Boot rate 8% or less - you MUST be reliable
At least 500 games played and/or 200 days in WL
And finally, a nice friendly attitude and willingness to communicate and be a good team player...

Clan Member Title
Robert E Lee Tetovo, Macedonia
Botanator Rollinsville, Co.
Febo Lima, Peru
tartan1314 Edinburgh, Scotland
rlhull6 Chicago, Illinois
Vanguard Schweinfurt, Germany
Piper London, Ontario
Gajda Bukowno, Poland
Bigby Arlington, Texas
DrummingManiac1 Libby, Montana
[BIA] crom Boston, Mass.
Booba Paris, France
roaring rabbit Limassol, Cyprus
Salad Poznan, Poland
Springbok Amsterdam, Nether.
Krol Julian Swidnica, Poland