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Clan: Imperial Dynasty

Number of members: 28
Link: https://discord.gg/tuMPuq3
Tagline: The power of the Empire, Is the power to Rule.
Created: 11/3/2016

Bio: Welcome to the Dynasty. The main focus of our clan will be RP Diplomacy games.We're a very active, closely-knit clan that is looking for new members! PM Domogoto201 to join.

Nation name: The holy Anastorian empire

Nation Colors: Gold/Yellow, Black, Red

Join Requirements
-level 15
-Boot rate 40%
-Active at least once a week


His Divine Imperial Majesty Domogoto The First,
holy and pure, supreme ruler of the holy
Anastoria and all her holdings.

Emperors Council
● Twin City Empire -Recruitment
● Erich Honecker-Head Adviser
● Duke Oredson I-Court Historian
● Erik Wölffe-Head of court Intrigue
● Zonun-Head Military Adviser
● Nickjones-Head Navy Adviser
● EQReport-Head of Personal Guard
● Neo-Byzantium-Head of Foreign Affairs

Imperial prince regent of the empire
+ Joseph_Jr

High Imperial General Zonun of the Anastorian empire. Leader of her armed forces and lord of her Imperial Knights.
ф Zonun

High Imperial Admiral Nickjones of the Anastorian empire. Supreme commander of her navy and commissioner of her ships.
ж Nickjones

○ EQReport
○ [Imp. Dynasty] King Oredson I


Grand Dukes
¤ Apipi

■ Suhail Singh
■ Twin City Empire

▪ Kit walker
▪ Peaches
▪ Archduke Maximilian I

* Dynastyz
* Suhail Singh
* Proadone
* Saboth2
* LeBorgne
* MècheBlanche
* Hystrix
* Undiscoveredbum
* Gage
* Zukuhiiido

Imperial Houses of the Empire

High imperial royal house Lepileen
☆ Emperor Domogoto201 Lepileen of Anastoria
Ж Imperial Admeral Nickjones
Ф Imperial General Zonun

Imperial House Hohenzollern
♤ Imperial king Erich Honecker Hohenzollern of Brandonburg
》Princess Autumn Northwind
▪ Count Habsburg Australia
¤ Grand Duke Erik Wölffe

Imperial House Von Schealburg
♡ Imperial King Neo-Byzantium Von Schealburg of holland
▪count Archduke Maximilian I

Imperial House Von preussen
◇ Imperial King Joseph_Jr Von Preussen of italy
○ Prince [Imp. Dynasty] King Oredson I

Clan Member Title
Peaches Count
MècheBlanche Baron
Domogoto201 Anastorian Emperor
Apipi Grand Duke
ZoNuN Imperial General
Archduke Maximilian I count
Joseph_Jr King-Elector
Dynastyz Baron
Kit Walker Count
EQReport Prince-Elector
ThatImpGuy Prince-Elector
Neo-Byzantium King-Elector
Saboth2 Baron
𝓐utumn 𝓝orthwind Princess
Modded Twin Head of Recruitment
nickjones12113 Imperial Admiral
Proadone Baron
Suhail Singh Duke
Hystrix Baron
Erich Honecker King-Elector
UndiscoveredBum Baron
Gage Baron
[WL] Habsburg Australia!! Count
Autistic Catz Baron
LeBorgne Baron
Zekushiiido Baron
Erik Wölffe Grand Duke