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Clan: Platatoe Knights

Number of members: 18
Link: https://www.warlight.net/Clans/?ID=260
Tagline: You either win or die for the Knights!
Created: 7/25/2016

Bio: Platatoe's story:



Purposes of this clan:
- Store any Outlaws player alt.
- Store any Outlaws Honorary Members (HM) alt.
- A place where any retired (R) Outlaw player can go to.
- Make fun of Platinum in any way we can!



Q: Why would you want to store Outlaw alts here?
A: Just for the purpose of clarity, that way any person wondering can know that a specific alt is ours and to whom does it belong.

Q: What is the benefit of being an Honorary Member of Outlaws?
A: Means you're a good player, and whom the friendship we respect, you're able to join Owtlaws at any moment under request.

Q: Why keeping retired players here?
A: So they can remain a part of the clan and also to keep the main clan clean, with only active accounts. Any retired player can be moved back to the main clan under request.

Q: Why make fun of Platinum, isn't he your clan leader?
A: Don't ask stupid questions please.

Clan Member Title
Kyanite Bonsai's Alt
Potatoe Platinum's Alt
Master of Chaos TeamGuns Alt
Liberty Panagiotis (HM)
Seph's Sausage Styxie's Alt
Adam Copeland Edge's Alt
Last Breath
Jesmin92 Onoma94's Alt
2 tla s'LWnaD DanWL (HM)
Platatoe TeamGuns Alt
Apollon Apollo's Alt
Arthur Penntatoe Tac(ky)tical's Alt