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Clan: Because We Got High!

Number of members: 0
Tagline: Does something smell purple to you?
Created: 12/25/2015

Bio: Damn..I had something ready for this...oh hey! I didn't see you there, what's up. If you're wondering about us, we are just a group of friends who like to sit back and relax while we kick some names and take some ass. If you want to join contact one of the managers and we will see what we can do. If you have a problem with the conduct of one of our members, write it down nice and neat on a piece of paper, gently fold it up, and just go ahead and stick that up your a- just kidding!😂😂 You should have seen the look on your face. Seriously if you have a problem with one of our members just mail a manager and we will sort it out.

Whatever type of player you are, whether you prefer roleplay/diplomacy games or team games, for fun or competitively, all are welcome here. Just don't be disruptive or rude, and you'll do fine here. If you dont have a sense of humor and can't take a joke, we aren't the clan for you.

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