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Clan: [Blitz]

Number of members: 38
Tagline: Most loved and hated clan in Warzone.
Created: 9/29/2013

Bio: We got frightening intentions for Clan league, join us to be a part of it!

Leadercrew: Jeff, Banana, Farah, Tito & Pip
Head recruiters: Jeff & Tito

If a victory is told in detail, one can no longer distinguish it from a defeat. - Jean-Paul Sartre & alexclusive

Farah♦ is the best!

Official sister clan of Outlaws

Official Movie: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A0he9x3q5N8&ab_channel=StaticStudio

Clan Member Title
MoneyMakingMitch MoneyMan
René Descartes Renal dick-art
#Master [QB] Qab
pip Duckling
Farah♦ Pretty Princess
Banana Comeback king
Jefferspin Supreme Leader
Kezzo 2nd best ever
TweeKeerJelle Dirty Dutching
Freakishly large brain Lawnmower
Kalasmange IKEA
Common Man Robber Baron
SerFen Master of Crimea
GodfatherOfData 21st Century Vito
Dhansom Hands om
Weeaboo Master Styxie
allusernamesaretaken12 Has 11 copycats
Mei Lanfang China
Heyheuhei :)
Ninjoe non-join
Helium Dutch #2
Mars PND Trademark
Alt F4 Dirty Italian
SandwichEater Junk
>Drama< Clan League
Jeff " Not a supreme leader" Erspin StephCurryDickrider
AI Hates Blitz
yakleader Marie Antoinette
Kronos Jewish Golddigger
Douglas MacArthur Chief
Micromantic Looking for food
Lord Snow Snowboard
Tito Lazy Brazilian
Craig Feldspar the Thief
timon92 Def main account
foul play But she was 18
[Blitz] awesomeusername Awesome
LowerHalfOfJelle In Jeff's therapy