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Clan: ONE!

Number of members: 23
Tagline: ONE! to rule them all!
Created: 3/24/2015

Bio: We are a clan of players who enjoy strategic games, either real-time or multi-day, mostly 1v1, 2v2, or 3v3.

We hope to meet you on the ladders, in a tournament, or just in a friendly game!

Contact Beren • apex or Don [ Ω ] if you are interested in joining or for clan competitions.

Affiliated members:
Ctrl Alt Delete ♦ ɌeLite ♦
Oh Noes

Former members:

Clan Member Title
Ragnarok End of days
Beren • apex Jewel seeker
Don [ Ω ] Windmill tilter
Alexander World conqueror
Muli Beast of burden
Holdway Thingol's heir
malakkan Apple king
[FCC] Aura Guardian Soul sentinel
tommy15 Automatic fire
PJ017 Serial number
Nox Good night
Memele Riverman
Adreso Going places
Iselin The Angel
elbee Heavyweight
Grizzlis Kodiak
Alfred the Great Scourge of the Danes
Angry Beavers Dam furious (A)
John Doe Missing person (A)
Ekstone One rock
Logitech Three blind mice
MILFRAN Capital fellow (A)
Wick Phoenix King