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Clan: Fifth Column Confederation

Number of members: 30
Link: https://discord.gg/aMspcdN
Tagline: Growing the Next Generation of Strategic Warzoners
Created: 9/26/2013

Bio: The Fifth Column Confederation, or FCC for short, is a community of close-knit players with a desire to learn and improve their strategic game. FCC will only accept players who demonstrate strong strategic skills, if you don't meet those standards, you are encouraged to join our sister clan, Discovery (https://www.warzone.com/Clans/?ID=346). Discovery, unlike FCC, doesn't have any skill requirements. Anyone can join and receive guidance from some of the best players on Warzone.

Anyone may enter our public discord server (link above), but only clan members will have full access to both the private and public sections of the server.

Clan Activity
-Highly active discord server where you can chat with your clan mates about wz or any other topic. We strongly recommend joining the discord server as that's where most of the activity takes place.
-Clan P/R League run by FalerCZ (message him if you want to join)
-Private Coin Tournaments for Clan Members Only
(last edition) https://www.warzone.com/MultiPlayer/Tournament?ID=32076
-We participate in Clan League

Requirements Include:
-You must complete and pass our testing games.

Once Joined, you must:
-Remain reasonably active. A long term period of consecutive days of inactivity (>30 days) will likely get you removed if you have not mentioned to it to a manager beforehand
-Not abuse the ladders
-Not abuse Warzone Policy

Contact Xenophon if you wish to join

Clan Member Title
Xenophon πŸ–•
Octane Nonce
Aura Guardian
PowerB® Power Balance
MGO Blaze
FalerCZ Don't steal my color
Rikku Xeno's Dom
Malvin 0w0 anime tiddies
IRiseYouFall Loves CORP =)
Checkmqte yes
Gonzalo Flare
MasterPitt Pitt Master
ps-ews ps
NanoMidget【𝓒𝓑𝓔𝓦】 Worst Player in Clan
Elohim Wayne Keenoff
SuperGamerz Mommy (≧▽≦)
mmasterwar Screech
Mathmagician Math belongs to Stat
NeighborFromStateFarm He's There
Redonis【𝓒𝓑𝓔𝓦】 🚨Weeb Loli 🚨
Innerspeaker Xano2
Guy Incognito "Not JJJ"
Noobinator Fire
TheEnigma Nightwing
Great Pomeranian Empire
FCC Eff Dem Guys
Lord Terrible He's Trolly AF Man