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Clan: Union of Soviet Socialist Republics

Number of members: 206
Link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_the_Soviet_Union
Tagline: ☭For the Motherland!☭
Created: 2/15/2015

Bio: To those looking at joining:
This clan is RP/Diplo based and overall a good and active community.

To join send a message to Kyger: https://www.warlight.net/Profile?p=7624797451

1. At least level 10.
2. Have had an account for 15 days.
3. Have played 30 games.
4. Maximum boot rate of 30%.

1. No swearing, immature behavior and or language that is offensive or insulting, both in the clan and outside of it.
2. Respect the rules of any and all games you join.
3. If the majority wishes to vote, then respect that and vote.
4. Do not excessively boot or get booted.
5. You may only have one account in the Clan.

Premier: Kyger
High Minister: Darth Grover
Minister: Coronel Gavilan
Minister: Master HFG [Ulon]
Minister: Crazypotato9
Minister: Bluepotato
Warrant Officer

Everyone will be a Private when they join, however recruiting members, activity, posting on the clan forum and other acts that benefit the clan will raise you in the ranks. Those inactive long enough will be made citizens until they return. Participate enough and you may get a special title of your choice!

The Government is known as the "Council of Ministers of the Soviet Union". They are tasked with the jobs of enforcing laws(rules), and putting new rules into effect or annulling previous ones. In this council there are 4 normal Ministers and then one High Minister. Ministers may be chosen by the Premier but must be approved by the High Minister. If you wish to know more about our government and how it works you are welcome to visit the forum thread - "All you need to know about our Government".

Clans in our sphere:
League of Nations(Rebuilding)
United Nations(Rebuilding)

Clan Member Title
Kyger ☭Premier☭
klawinhood Private
Darth Player Sergeant
Che the RED Warrant Officer
Burah General
Coronel Gavilan Minister
zaky Sergeant
European Union Sergeant
ogulcankucuk1 Private
kraysak Private
EternalBaconator Lieutenant
China Sergeant
[Lenin] Vlad the lad Sergeant
Warsaw Pact Private
d1mz Private
hnakos Sergeant
homeru Private
Prophet Captain
Marcinkiewicz Private
SYNful knock Private
Erin Sergeant
KGB Putin✯✯✯ USSR Cosmonaut Pilot
vardis Private
Oberleutnant Citizen
The Special One Private
Gagarin Private
MoldovaMan Private
alex82500 Colonel
ponglenis Private
Know-Uh Citizen
Мастер Макаров Citizen
Aris Velouchiotis Lieutenant
Socialist Republic Sergeant
mel Private
Evil Doctor Purple Private
xXOmegaXx General
Darthosis Private
Swoote13579 Warrant Officer
spencewalk713 Citizen
Soviet Union Private
Devonsanya Sergeant
Master HFG Minister
Winter Midnight Sergeant
Dune Sergeant
Tazobactam Sergeant
jeffw1 Citizen
Sereyser Citizen
5destroyer35 Private
AcetheAwesomeApple Lieutenant
Lord Demise Private
Bluepotato Minister
SpaghettiDoppler Private
Cyrus Lieutenant
Timberwolve Sergeant
Pigeacorn Captain
Los Pepes Private
Inarr Private
[WOLF] Executor Private
Võ Nguyên Giáp Warrant Officer
SeerChen Private
Fabien Lel Private
Jayro Private
Madara Uchiha Warrant Officer
Youngmoney Citizen
Young Trotsky Private
volcan the conquerer General
JAA Private
FAN Sergeant
StormRaven Private
FallingCoconut Citizen
Republic of Gotham Private
Lukehasnofriends Sergeant
Gangstar👌👍 Private
Govmeistah 🎷🇺🇸 Warrant Officr
crazypotato9 Minister
Charlemagne Private
Merica Private
Darth Grover High Minister
Alex Private
The Dictator Private
СССР Private
xenomsftw Private
Mason General
Ender Citizen
Chamuko Private
Mother Russia Colonel
Peter the Great Private
March Of The Cossacks Private
Alesiar General
Strategist Private
Daviti Nazarashvili Private
Ball IsLife Private
CurtisLeMay Private
Savoy Lieutenant
AlternateHistoryGuy Colonel
Furher Warrant Officer
TsarXVII Private
Redeagle09 General
General Colonel
Wesley Private
Ivan1097 Private
anz80 Private
B 0 8 Private
It's ya boi skinny penus Warrant Officer
kubaziki USSR Secretary
Blizzard Nonna [Pravda] Private
(U.S.S.R) Thebeanman99 Private
kuhoku Private
kinggo5 Private
quindiniar Private
Momorazor Sergeant
Soviet Comrade Citizen
Bartimaeus Sergeant
Striker Citizen
Armored_Weapon Warrant Officer
Elementært Private
Escabi Private
Bman34 Private
King Slushie III Private
Erwin Rommel, Generalfeldmarschall Citizen
Voievod Shourd Dragulea Private
Jonathan Rivera Warrant Officer
Abhishek Citizen
TheSunbro Sergeant
AK47 Private
Kcx53 Private
FluffyLuffy Private
Kuru Private
Kontrol Private
The Meme Man Private
Sneaky Snake Private
Mike Private
Darknax Sergeant
[USSR]Spenaz Citizen
LtRyys Citizen
Iósif Stalin Warrant Officer
Комуниста Sergeant
Shadowhunter Private
Abdul Haq Citizen
Pantaku Citizen
ipppppi Private
ZmanTS Citizen
Gamemonger Private
RICEY10 Private
Dr.Cat Private
SlimyDragons Private
OttomanEmpire Colonel
moneypig426 Private
Spiffy Chap Private
XNicole2311 Private
Gabriel Zozaya Private
Taylor Cruz Private
[USSR] ItzHawk Private
Army of Shrek Private
NOABM Private
Von Jewburg Captain
Taylor Swift Citizen
Lefte Flamp ☭ Private
Peacemonger Sergeant
Xayles Private
The Black Falcon Private
Resh Mant Private
herr lewis Private
FoolOfHearts Private
happy10003 Private
Hercules1031 Private
Greek Prime Minister Lieutenant
AlexanderofMacedon Sergeant
CrunchDog Private
W1nterSoldier Private
PFeichtner Private
Paul Botems Private
weichafe mapu Citizen
LozoTheBozz Private
WestLocke Private
Spyman1300 Private
RollOut52 Citizen
Keyser Soze Private
Sirius Black Private
Dank_Souls_Warrior Citizen
The Blacklight Legion Private
Wicked Anon Private
jai Citizen
ayarg Private
LoganMart12 Private
Jho Citizen
Kenrick Brown Private
ChronicleIris Private
soviet_striker Private
illumicorp13 Citizen
levijjr7 Private
Bla Sergeant
SmashDubs Private
DuluthKnight Private
chan40 Private
Vladimir Putin Private
Dreamerslayer Citizen
Madmax0507 Private
celloninja7 Private
Theresa May Private