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Clan: MASTER Clan

Number of members: 16
Tagline: Bow to the master!
Created: 9/24/2013

Bio: You are either one of us or against us! The MASTER Clan is where all Masters of Warlight come together to kick butt! We are a friendly, fun, but still skilled group of players.

Supreme Leader: Jz

Set up a game with Master of Desaster if interested in joining.

- Boot rate < 5%
- Only main accounts
- No ladder manipulation/stalling.
- 50% in 1v1,2v2,3v3.
- Top 10 on one of 1v1,2v2,3v3,MDL,RTL.

Past Members:
Master 13OOTY
Master Ree
Master L
Ottoman Emperor
Master Turtle

Clan Member Title
master of desaster Master of Spelling
Timinator • apex Master of Prediction
Deadman Master of Autocorrec
Pardon99 Master of Regret
Master Bjarke Master of De Ja Vu
Master Ryiro Master of Expansion
Master Jz Master of %
Rufus Master of Trampoline
Master Moto - モトキ Master of Motorola
Master Jaesar Master of Counting
Sephiroth Pinͥeaͤpͣpͭle pizza
Master Atom ◆Elite◆ Master Ironborn
rouxburg Master of Trolling
Kenny • apex The Skeeny Master
TheWarlightMaster Master of Warlight
Master Miyagi • apex Master of Masters