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#Real World  
Created by GBaby (all)
Went public on 6/14/2016
Number of ratings: 24
Average rating: 2.6666 / 5
79 territories, 13 bonuses, 0 distribution modes


The city of Curitiba, Brazil.

Thanks to the testers: Frost, General Chu, Jefferspin and Brénainn.

Map created by GBaby and Victor-y.


Review by Andalorium on 10/2/2016.
The borders where so rough I could not which territories naturally connected. It made planning ahead hard, and the map is very unbalanced with a couple small bonuses at the bottom and huge territory bonuses at the top that take too long to get before whom ever got the bottom bonuses takes over.
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Review by Akserf on 7/31/2022.
muito massa
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