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Unlocks at level 50 or with the Mega Maps Pack
Created by [中国阳朔]Chaos (all)
Went public on 11/29/2013
Number of ratings: 156
Average rating: 3.5833 / 5
1066 territories, 39 bonuses, 5 distribution modes


Saligia is a different kind of map and is more suitable for scenario play with adapted rules. Best for 6 players FFA or Team games (3v3 or 2v2v2).

Mode 1 - 6 Sins by Fizzer: Each player will start on 1 of the 6 big islands and will expand from there. Special rule!! : armies can only be deployed on land or ports!! so stack up before sailing out! Play with people you can trust.

Mode 2 - Central Rush by Chaos: Start back to back in a Port in the center of the map with 1 large ship/army. Go colonize! Initial army of 99. Can be played with or without base income. Only deploy units on land or in ports.

Mode 3: Start from the small black islands and try to conquer the main islands. Be careful! Each player has 2 target islands nearby, so expect to have company soon...

There is also a 3v3 Mode, where each Team can pick from 3 different islands.

Finally, try the 2v2v2 mode. Your ally will be on the opposite side of the map.

Thanks to Fizzer for the map concept!

Have fun!


Review by Nathan on 12/4/2013.
Fabulous, outstanding, amazing, spectacular map! So why did I only give it 4 stars?

The relative worthlessness of sea territories creates a completely different Warlight experience. You don't have to and shouldn't try to expand by taking every adjacent territory. Establish sea lanes between islands with the occasional spur to serve as a scouting post. The gameplay is nothing like a on a more standard map.

Unfortunately, the strength of this map is also its chief weakness. Because there is no need to expand into most areas of the sea, mopping up defeated enemies in the endgame is brutal. It takes forever because you won't have expanded to occupy the whole board. I spent more than a third of my 6-player FFA with no other player getting double-digit armies. It simply took that long to chase them to the edge of the map.

Several possible fixes:

- Remove the outer ring of sea hexes
- Create long-distance connections between sea hexes
- Create a giant superbonus for holding all the land hexes
Response by map creator [中国阳朔]Chaos on 12/6/2013
Thanks Nathan for your review, always appreciated.

About the Sea bonuses:
- They are not meant to be worth a lot, otherwise they become just another bonus with many territories.
- Being a bonus makes it possible to give it a colour (aesthetic reason)
- They are useful when using Surveillance cards (which we recommend)

It's always annoying when players don't surrender and run around on large maps. The problem is the player though, not the map. Until there is a game-rule that would force a win, there is not much we can do about it.
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Review by Krulle on 12/9/2013.
Minor things I ran against:
Ocean 17 <-> Ocean 54
Ocean 321 <-> Ocean 324
Ocean 1009 <-> Ocean 1004
Irigylem <-> Nezaket

Otherwise: Wonderful. Thank you!
Response by map creator [中国阳朔]Chaos on 1/11/2014
was fixed in v 1.1
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Review by Pelagius on 12/4/2013.
Very fun and enjoyable - infuriating however if your opponent doesn't surrender!
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Review by ArtsJunk on 2/12/2014.
Pure chaos when at sea.
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Review by Wayne Wohler on 2/5/2014.
Interesting and fun map. the Sea bonuses aren't terribly useful; it takes many, many armies to conquer them and, at least with the settings we used, they weren't worth much.
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Review by G_GR on 1/3/2015.
nice map
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Review by Generalkarl on 2/13/2015.
Awful, long useless ocean voyages and each move gets you surrounded by 4 enemies
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Review by Rev John on 4/21/2015.
simple, unique, good idea.
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Review by Andalorium on 8/23/2016.
Interesting map and the way it is set up it is a challenge, just playing this map feels more like a Snipe hunt then a Battle Royal
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Review by Ko on 3/1/2017.
An outstanding map which lends itself well to both 1v1, team games and large FFAs. Although it is simple, and it's size and uniformity limit the tactical possibilities, there is plenty of room for interesting strategic play.

The clever use of multiple languages in the naming of the territory adds a bit of spice too. Big thumbs up, despite the visual blandness...

I STRONGLY recommend using settings such as Multi-attack, local deploys and spy/recon cards with this map - they can completely change the way the map is played, especially with those large (otherwise useless) sea bonuses. Lots of blockade (and emergency blockade) cards can add another dimension (allowing someone to *try* to barricade themselves in...)
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Review by mcmaho17 on 1/15/2018.
The selected game mechanics combined with the numerous squares on this map made it incredibly tedious.
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Review by ShangShenrin on 2/1/2018.
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Review by spunko on 5/16/2018.
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Review by telge on 10/2/2018.
It's not the worst map in the game, but it is quite annoying to play.
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Review by CX on 1/15/2019.
Wow did that take far too long
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Review by Captain Carrot on 11/29/2013.
Boring. It's a pity because other maps by Chaos are quite good.
Response by map creator [中国阳朔]Chaos on 11/30/2013
Can you share the link of the game? Which settings were used? All our test games were long and interesting battles.
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