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Island Wars

Created by Martyrose (all)
Went public on 4/4/2013
Number of ratings: 62
Average rating: 3.5806 / 5
232 territories, 49 bonuses, 2 distribution modes


Hello this is my first map in public.
Please leave a reaction then I can improve the map.
I hope you like it!


Review by cinereaste on 4/5/2013.
There are some interesting connections and bonuses, and I enjoyed playing it.

Aesthetically, however, this map leaves a lot to be desired. The font used is ugly, and every label other than "ABC SEA" is stretched vertically. The territories float with large rivers of black between them.
Response by map creator Martyrose on 4/7/2013
ok I wont use black rivers in my next map it is almost impossible to do all the labels vertically because the 1 sea is bigger then the other but I will try.
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Review by Nathan on 4/5/2013.
The territories are well-shaped and connected. The bonuses need substantial improvement. I recommend dividing up the larger bonuses - maybe 4-8 territories per bonus area. You can always include super bonuses if you want, as well. I like when the number of armies provided by a bonus is equal to about 60% - 75% of the number of territories in the bonus.
Response by map creator Martyrose on 4/5/2013
Ok maybe I am going to use the 60%-75% in my next map. I wasn't sure about the bonusses thanks for the message
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Review by Motocross5800 on 5/11/2013.
I don't like this map.
Response by map creator Martyrose on 5/14/2013
If you dont like it, say why you dont like it. Then I can change it and make the map better. I can do nothing with this reaction now.
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